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5 things you enjoy to kick

лучшие вопросы для интервью

придумывает фотограф jaime martinez (m.i.a. снимал много)

он берет интервью у друзей и публикует в тумблере
с фотографиями

вопросы задает всем разные:

- 5 things you enjoy to kick. for fun or not.

- From the things that are around you right now... one thing you would like to throw out the window. and why.

- Current favorite song to get dress to start the day or the night.

- What's the longest distance you have walk and what was at the end?

- What's the best thing one can do with 10 lemons?

- What would be the perfect outfit to go to the supermarket in a sunday of august in Milan.

- Please write a nice short phrase about your life that have 0 entries in google (when searched between quotation marks)

- If the world has to be conquer by another animal species which one would you like it to be? and why.

- Name 3 female cartoon characters with the best style.

- You have the chance to act in a very good movie from your favorite director (which one?), but your character can only say one line and you can choose it. what it would be?

- How the procedure to travel in time would be if a television was involved?

- If you could put shadows into a bottle which shadows would you keep?

- If you could have the power of freezing time in which moments you would like to use it?

- What was your weirdest experience in a supermarket?

- If you could give a cat a special superpower what it would be?

мое любимое из всех интервью целиком вместе с ответами:
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